Benefits Of Having Your Own Website

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This blog is part of my own website.  I registered the domain name for two years which means that I now own that name for the two years and no one else can use it in that time.  As long as I continue the registration I can continue to use the domain name.

The other thing I did was to find somewhere to put that domain name, someone to ‘host’ it for me.  I chose the hosting company DreamHost.  I have two parts to my website, my blog and my family tree.

Please note – I do receive a payment from DreamHost if someone clicks my link to DreamHost and signs up for a hosting package with them however this isn’t a paid advertisement for DreamHost.  They have not asked me to write this.  I chose to write about the benefits of having your own website and it is up to you to choose who you wish to have host your website  🙂

The benefits that I see of having your own website are:

  • you get to choose your own URL eg.
  • you choose your web host and how much you can afford to pay for the hosting (hosting can be paid monthly or yearly)
  • you maintain the ownership of your content
  • you can set up your website how you want it to look
  • it is more professional to have your own URL rather than eg.
  • you’re not providing content for someone else and building their business
  • better security and privacy for your data
  • no banner ads unless you want them
  • being ‘your own boss’ – you don’t have to follow someone else’s rules (except for your own Government’s laws regarding website content and your web hosting company’s rules)
  • you can release your data/content under a Creative Commons license if you choose
  • visitors don’t need an account with another entity to view your website eg. a Facebook account, an Ancestry account
  • search engines can properly index your website content

Government House, SydneyI would like to hear from you what things are stopping you from having your own website.  Or simply why you choose not to have your own website.  Please leave me a comment below.

My next blog post will be, “Benefits Of Having Your Blog On Your Own Website”.

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