Love Stories Online recently asked their subscribers to send in their ancestors’ love stories.  These have now been posted on the Ancestry blog ‘Sticky Notes’.  Here’s a snippet from one of the stories;

My parents met when they worked for the same firm in Purfleet, Essex in post-war Britain. Their friendship developed when they both played sport for the firm’s sporting club, and subsequently started dating.

In 1952, Dad decided to immigrate to Australia, following his brother who had left England in 1949 with his young bride, to try life in “the lucky country”. Dad and Mum continued corresponding once Dad left England.

In 1953 Dad proposed to Mum by letter. I can only imagine his nervousness while he waited the six weeks for his letter to reach England and then another six weeks for Mum’s reply to reach him.

now you’ll have to go to the Ancestry blog to find out if she said yes.


My Great Grandparents Jessie & Charles Wigley

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