1. Wow! small world. Who was Joan Buchannan, the teacher at Princess Street School, Sandy Bay? AGA’s son, Michael Robert Buring, married Meredith Buchanan of Hobart in 1939, who had an older sister called Jean. They were a family of five girls, and Meredith was the youngest. The dashing Michael was intended for one of the older girls. The eldest, Margaret, married Alan Knight and lived in Sandy bay until she died at 92 or 93 a few years ago.

  2. admin

    Hi Chris, I gather Wil told you about my blog post. The Joan Buchanan in the Cyclopedia of Tasmania wasn’t a teacher at Princes St school but taught dance and gymnastics I think at her own studio.

    I’ve always wondered, which of his three names was your grandfather known by?

    Kind regards, Kylie 🙂

  3. JoAnne Teja – Nobody could capture the dtionimens of my girl like you gals!!All of us who view these photos can hear Kylie laughing,feel their love and pure joy,and capture the real personalities of Kal and Kylie!!We realize it may not have been an easy task to photograph the bicultural families.. but leave it to you two perfection..We cant thank you enough!!Mama Kylie

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