Cemetery Finds

I went to Payneham Cemetery, as per previous post, with a list of graves to find.  I found one which was on my list and two which weren’t.

Headstone of John William Adams Jnr

John William Adams Jnr

This is one of the headstones I was looking for.  It’s amazing that I found it as it has been moved from the grave site.

Headstone of Flora Sobels

Flora Sobels

This is one I photographed on the off chance that Flora might be ‘one of mine’.  There aren’t that many people named Sobels in South Australia.

Headstone of Henry Alfred Wigzell

Henry Alfred Wigzell

Henry was another surprise find and again the name isn’t very common so he’s most likely in my lot.  I’ll look for them in my tree database today.

I’m going back to the cemetery today, I’ve printed out the cemetery map and will mark off each area as I’ve checked it.  The moved headstones are placed around the cemetery grounds in clusters and the ones with heads still attached to their graves are in the traditional rows.


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