I went to Centennial Park Cemetery today, I got a few photos of headstones but couldn’t find all of the ones I was looking for.  I also found that there is no headstone for my paternal grandmother’s grave.  I think I will make a digital memorial (picture) and put it on my family tree and send it to any family members who would like it too.

William Burnett Willison (my grandfather)

William Henry Willison (my uncle)

Phillip Rushton Buring (my cousin)

It was reasonably hot today and with high humidity so I didn’t stay at the cemetery looking for those I couldn’t find, I’ll go back another day when it’s not so warm.


  1. Ros Dunstall

    My sister loves Centennial Park Kylie…..she is always popping in to take photos. Not to mention that Dad and his brother are also there in the RSL sections.

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