First Post, Not The Last Post

Having just changed from Blogger to hosting my own WordPress blog there may be some teething problems.  Please let me know if you find anything which isn’t working.  This is the fun, exciting, experimenting time so please bear with me  🙂

I’ve changed the name of my blog from “Blog, Blog, Blog” to “Genealogy – Arts – Tech Blog” to try and cover three of my interests.  I’ve also put in two new pages – Arts and Technology to try and keep these interests separate.  I don’t know how this will go as my interests do blur together, it will be a wait and see thing.  If it doesn’t work I can always change it!!!  🙂

If you use Networked Blogs please re-follow my blog by scrolling down the page until you come to the Networked Blogs widget on the left hand side and click Follow This Blog.  I have redirected the old Blogger blog to this address but you may like to change your Feed Reader to point directly here.  The feed address is

Ok, I hope you enjoy the blog’s new look and layout!
Stay tuned for more posts, Kylie

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