Preparing For A Research Trip/Holiday

I’m currently preparing for a holiday which is also a research trip!!  It’s very exciting because I’ll get to revisit places I’ve been before and dig deeper, meet new relatives, and see some terrific scenery!!  Yes, I’m using lots of exclamation marks, that’s how excited I am!!

Driving from South Australia, Bendigo is the first stop.  I went there last year in February for 4 days.  This year I’ll be looking at buildings where my ancestors worked and houses where they lived as well as the library’s wonderful resources.

Melbourne is next to meet some cousins and exchange research!

Take the boat to Devonport, Tasmania which I’ve never done before, this will be interesting.  In Devonport I have to convince my co driver that we need to stop at Don Congregational Cemetery.

Albert Gustav Adolph Buring was a teacher in Wynyard, Launceston and Hobart so I’ll be looking for any information on him and his family.

Beautiful scenery throughout Tasmania as we travel from the top to Hobart near the bottom.  As we go along I’ll try and blog but if I don’t get anything much written I’ll definitely post photos.

My daughter is house sitting for me so I’ll be on the look out for a nice present for her too.

Today I’m writing all the questions I can think of that I want answered so that while I’m away I can concentrate on these.  Should be great fun!!!!

If you look at you’ll be able to see where I’m going.


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