The Lost Diggers – on ‘Sunday Night’ Channel 7 Tonight

Tonight on the Sunday Night program on channel seven they will be showing a large collection of World War One photographs which have just been found.

Ninety-five years ago, in a small French village a short march from the allied frontlines against the German army, a husband and wife team began a unique historical record of the First World War which has stayed hidden – until now.

All of the images are never-seen-before candid and often delightfully informal shots of Australian, British, American, Canadian and other allied soldiers enjoying time in the village, which was used during the war as a rest centre for soldiers who had recently survived the carnage of battles on the Somme and Flanders. 

You can view the photos on their website or on their Facebook page.  On the Facebook page you can leave comments with the photos and there is a contact email address to use if you think you know someone in one of the photos. 

I’m having a great time going through the photos this morning and I’ll be watching the show tonight.  I doubt that I will recognise any of my ancestors but it’s still exciting to watch.


  1. Robert E Cremer

    Mention was made on this evenings program that copies of the publication containing photos of the diggers could be available. My father was on the western front and i guess there is a remote chance that his picture was one of those published. As a resident of Canberra it is my intension to go to the war memorial to view the photos currently on display.
    After the story of how these photos were discovered became known I have been very interested in viewing them.

    Bob Cremer

  2. admin

    Hi Bob
    It’s great that these photos were found isn’t it. My grandfather was in WW1. I’ll be in Canberra in January and I’m really looking forward to visiting the War Memorial, National Library and the National Archives.
    Kind regards, Kylie

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