Diff’rent Names

What names have you come across while researching your family tree? I have over 3000 people in my tree. I’m not listing names here to make fun of anyone but just to highlight some of the more unusual and interesting names I’ve found:

Elvira (f)
Vira (f)
Ethelbert (f)
Atalina (f)
Degna (f)
Hazor (m) a Biblical name
Tamar (f) another Biblical name
Euphemia (f)
Wendoline (f)
Octavius (m)
Ranald (m)

James Christmas Chinner was born on Christmas Day 1889 and also in my family tree is Roy William Anzac Clark born 3 Jan 1916.


  1. Ruby

    Interesting and unusual!
    Most of my ancestors are English/ Irish and they stuck to a fairly narrow list of family names….which is actually very confusing when you have many generations of Johns!!
    Both of parents sirnames have been altered for one reason or another over the years. This also makes tracing them rather difficult.

  2. Kylie Willison

    I know what you mean Ruby I have a long line of Ewen Boyds and it's hard to keep them all sorted. Also my paternal grandmother was a Scadden. In Australia it was spelt Scadden but as I go back through our family in Scotland there are various spellings – Scaddan, Scaddon, Scadding and Skadan.

    Hope you have a lovely day, Kylie 🙂

  3. J.M.

    I haven't come across really unusual names yet in my research. I do like the fact that the parents of James Christmas Chinner were kind enough not to give their son just the name Christmas 🙂

  4. Mama_Winks

    Kylie, I’ve got so many odd names in all the branches of my family tree, as well as too many people named exactly the same – we have 8 Sampson Georges so far. While I have good old Cornish names such as Willmott aka Willmote, Wellmote, Willmett etc and Loveday and Thomazine and Williamina and Denys or Denes there is another branch (in my husband’s family) of Euphemia and Dalrymple who spawned another three generations of Euphemias and Dalrymples! Not to mention the sheer fact of the era in which these folk lived there are SO many Johns, Elizabeths, Thomas’, James’, Roberts, Alexanders, Margarets, Marys and Williams… It’s getting difficult to keep them straight! My mind is boggling! How’s yours? 😉

  5. Kylie Willison

    I'm also doing research for a friend and have a succession of richards, thomas' and charlottes to try and keep straight. 🙂

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