I’m A Craft Hacker

Never having done things conventionally I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a craft hacker! I’ve nearly finished Cert III in Textile Arts and often hear from my lecturers

-trust you to do something ‘different’
-you pick difficult things to do, don’t you

I can’t help but laugh. I hate labels and putting people in boxes but I’m feeling good about this little bit of a definition of a little bit of me.

A hacker takes something created for one purpose and changes it, or hacks it, for another purpose. As a craft hacker I take a traditional craft and use it for a different purpose or in a different way. My major project for this year is ‘interpreting the inside of a computer in crochet’. The vast bulk of my materials are recycled or left overs people have given me from their projects.

There are times when I have so many ideas that I feel overwhelmed and don’t know what to do. Sometimes I write them down, then I lose the list….

Some of the recent stuff I’ve done for my course:

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