This’ll Be The Day That I Dye

These are back to front but it won’t matter

Tied and dyed and drying

I’ve set up my laundry for dyeing!!! It’s great having a spot I don’t have to pack up. My lecturer Suzanne Gummow was saying last week if you don’t have a permanent place set up you won’t do any dyeing or sewing for that matter because no one wants to set everything up and then pack it all up again afterwards. She’s right so I set up a spot in the laundry.

Of course I chose the day after the heat to do my dyeing!! It doesn’t matter they’ll dry.

Now I just have to make space for my sewing machine!


  1. Footprints Diary

    Hi Kylie,
    How well set up you are for dyeing!
    I love the colour blue of the tie-died article. 😀

    Have a great week,
    God bless you,

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