Memories – 1970s Train Trips To Adelaide

Adelaide Railway Station

We used to go on school excursions to various Adelaide events and places – Come Out and the museum.

Parents would drive us to Bridgewater then we’d catch a train to Adelaide. This is where my love for trains began. Getting there was half the fun. The three tunnels were highlights of the trip. I loved the gorgeous scenery too.

This quote from Wikipedia gives you a bit of an idea of the track.

The Bridgewater line had a fairly steep grade for most of the journey, sometimes resulting in derailments due to the tight bends. Services from Adelaide to Bridgewater usually took an average of one hour (stopping all stations), and about 50 minutes (express).

Bridgewater railway line is a very good Wikipedia page detailing the line and all the stations along it.

I found it really hard to find photos for this post. I couldn’t find any photos of Echunga Primary School back in my days, the school logo of a cow, Adelaide Railway Station in the 1970s etc. I’ll have to scan some more of my old photos.

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