Surviving The Heat

I’ve been practically living at the Tea Tree Gully library the last few days and I’ll be going back there again today! It’s a lovely place with great air conditioning!!!, free wireless Internet (they’ve put WAPs throughout the building so there is great coverage), a cafe in the library itself, and a very good family and local history section! 43C forecast for today and tommorrow.

I took Jessica shopping last night for some foods she didn’t have to cook as she doesn’t have air con either and her little flat is very hot. I picked up a few simple things too – more salad veggies, cold meat, and a few apricots yummy!

As the library doesn’t open until 1pm today I thought I might go and see the movie Avatar first. I haven’t seen a movie in 3D before so this will be interesting. I wonder if the funny glasses will fit over my glasses?

Ezri and the cats are surviving the heat. Ezri doesn’t like me to sponge her down or wet her outside but I noticed she did roll in the wet grass when I was watering this morning which is good!

I’ve also frozen some small bottles of water and have been using them as ‘cold water bottles’ to help keep me cool. Because I got heat stroke last year I’m being extra careful and drinking heaps of water too.


  1. Homeschoolmum4Christ

    Hi Kylie,
    Stay cool, my friend. My parents use the Tea Tree Gully library, too. 🙂

    Our cats are loving the air conditioning, and so am I. 😀 It's only evaporative and very old, but it works well. We only have to go outside and return to appreciate the difference in temperature.

    Have a great week,

  2. Kylie Willison

    Hi Jillian
    I can't wait til my air con in put in. It was supposed to be done during last year but I didn't get approval for it to be put in until later in the year. Now I'm waiting on tradespeople to ring me back. Should be done soon though!

    Kylie 🙂

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