Surviving The Heat Part Two & Avatar

I loved the movie Avatar! I enjoyed the story, I wouldn’t mind seeing it again in 3D but I will probably buy the dvd instead. Watching it in 3D was great, it felt like you were actually in the movie not just looking at a flat screen at the front of the room.

I think the main character, Jake, displays some parallels with Jesus. It’s his job to become like the indigenous Na’vi people of the planet Pandora. As he gets to know the people he falls in love with them and their customs and the young lady whose job it is to teach him the ways of the Na’vi. In the end Jake has to chose between the humans and the Na’vi and he chooses to lay down his life for the Na’vi.

I loved the relationship the Na’vi displayed with their Creator and Creation! They were all connected and everything had an integral role to play. I love the relationship I have with creation. It speaks to me all the time. God’s glory is displayed through what He has created – us and the world around us. Us, no matter what we look like, who we are or what we do. His glory is still displayed in us. I love to create and I hope that in creating I’m reflecting His glory and imitating what He does. The Bible tells us to be imitators of God, He is creative and all-loving and that’s what I want to be too.


  1. LinuxCPA

    Since I subscribed to this blog I ought to say something.

    I'm glad you liked the movie. I'm not religious, but I'm happy that its a good thing for you in your life.

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