Papers Past

Papers Past contains more than one million pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1932 and includes 52 publications from all regions of New Zealand.

I found this site while researching my great, great grandfather’s family the Boyds. His father was one of seven brothers born in Argyllshire, Scotland, 4 went to New Zealand, 2 came to Australia and the youngest we have yet to find out what he did.

Here’s story I found which is possibly refering to two of the 4 brothers Allan & John:

Allan Boyd was once out on his run when a boar met him, and Boyd got such a fright that instead of using his gun he climbed a cabbage tree near, leaving his gun leaning against the trunk. After settling himself, he tried to draw his gun up, but it went off and shot him. John MacCrae found him and carried him home, when John Boyd ran to Dunedin for a doctor.

I love that all these records are being digitised!!! The more access we have to history, public records, libraries, and the Internet the better!

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