The AIF Project

I’m learning a lot as I’m researching my family. John Boyd was killed in WW! at Villers-Bretonneux France. It’s only been a place name before. It didn’t mean that much to me personally except a place where many people died and were buried but it’s more personal now.

John Boyd

The AIF project is a good, although often sad, place to find family information because there’s often more than just military related information there. In this case I found out John’s place of birth.


  1. Claudine

    If you happen to have any Tasmanian convicts in your family history, or know anyone who does, you might be interested in our project which will trace descendants of Tasmanian convicts and try to match them with WWI soldiers.

  2. Kylie Willison

    Thanks for the info Claudine, I haven't found any Tasmanian convicts but if I do I'll visit your site again.

    All the best, Kylie

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