House Sold, New Goals, Centrelink Issues

My house has sold!!!! Jesus has been directing me (even though I may not always realise it at the time) and I’ve set some goals which I’m really happy with.

1. keep my relationship with Jesus top priority
2. family
3. study
4. teaching
5. volunteering for Teen Challenge (of course)
6. helping others achieve their goals
7. being creative
I don’t always get these in the right order…. but I keep trying.

I’ve seen a great financial planner who helped me solidify these goals in my mind without him really realising it. The money from my house is invested and I’ve bought a new car and will be getting a couple of other things too.

I’ve got two more terms of my Visual Arts and Contemporary craft course. The things I’m learning I want to be able to teach either in my own training centre or for another organisation or RTO. I can still teach computing too.

Three tutoring jobs have fallen in my lap. I applied for one which my brother told me about and when people heard that I was doing tutoring they asked me to help their kids. It’s great because I was missing the homeschooling so now I still get to prepare and teach lessons and be involved with helping young people achieve their goals!!!!

Enter Centrelink
Because I’m receiving a Centrelink payment I have to do the things they tell me to do. Having been told earlier in the year that my course was fine with Centrelink I’ve now been informed that it’s not an approved course because it’s in The Arts. If Centrelink or my job network provider send me for a job I have to take it and possibly leave my course. I only have to look for 15 hours of work a week at the moment. I understand the need for these rules but I don’t agree that a course which is going to provide me with income in the future can’t be approved.

My first instinct is to rush out and ‘fix’ the situation myself but I know that’s not the right way for me. So instead I’m researching my options and looking for Jesus’ leading.


  1. Anonymous

    Good on you Kylie for not rushing out to 'fix' the problem with Centrelink. I'm one that continually does this with issues in my life and am discovering (finally!) that it isn't always the best way to do things. The old adage 'sleep on it' is my mantra now!
    🙂 Beverley

  2. Kevin

    Hi Kylie
    I agree with Beverley just take your time with it.
    Remember the dates that is important and copy and stamp date everything with them.
    Work with a placement group they are pretty good at helping you.
    He will guide you in the right direction. Good luck.
    Also good news on the house being sold too. That is another millstone lifted.
    Chat again soon. Kevin 🙂

  3. Kylie Willison

    Beverley & Kevin
    Thanks for the encouragement to not make rash decisions!! I'm seeing my lecturer at college today so I'll see what my study options are. 🙂

    All the best, Kylie

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