Customised Computer Training Notes

This is my practice writing for offering my services as a training writer 🙂

If you require customised computer training notes then I can help.

I have a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as well as ten years experience teaching computing in adult education settings using both the Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems and related software. My specialty is beginner courses. I have written the training notes and outlines for all the courses I’ve taught – Basic Computer Skills, Introduction To Office Computing, Internet & Email, Introduction To Email Using MS Outlook, Introduction To Presentations Using MS Powerpoint, Introduction To Word Processing Using MS Word, The Ingots-Bronze and Silver Ingot.

What I’ll need from you:
-course topic or software to be taught
-a list of outcomes
-projected age range of students
-course prerequisites
-preferred duration of course
-student’s previous experience with computing in general and with the specific software being taught
-course delivery methods

Contact me for further information.


If anyone’s got any constructive feedback I’d love to hear it! One thing I’ve picked up straight away is that it needs to be shorter.

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