Subtitles On Movies For The Hearing Impaired

All dvds need to have subtitles!!! Anyone who has a hearing loss, like me, would agree. Even with my hearing aid now it’s still near impossible to hear ALL the words and I often miss the meaning of parts of the story then I have to ask my kids (or hit rewind) and they get fed up with me very quickly!

With subtitles I can happily follow the story and enjoy the movie instead of it becoming a frustrating experience trying to decipher what’s being said. I only have a mild hearing loss but the things I find hardest are using the telephone and watching tv and movies. Hearing conversations in noisy places is difficult too but my rant here is about subtitles! When I’m at someone else’s house I’m sometimes too embarrassed to say anything so if you’re watching with friends it doesn’t hurt to ask if they’d like the subtitles on.

Sometimes you can get a really good laugh from what’s in the subtitles too. Often all of the music is described so in a particular seen you may have ‘curious music’, ‘apprehensive music’ etc and I’ve always wondered how can music be curious or apprehensive? 🙂


  1. Carol

    I agree full heatedly. My husband has had hearing loss since he was an infant and more and more the movies are only offering subtitles in Spanish or other languages, not in English. I wish I knew what we can do about this or if there is a device we could purchase or something. Honestly some of the action packed movies have the background noises so loud that is even hard for me to pick up what is being said half the time. I enjoy and rely on the subtitles. This is too bad. Carol in Dublin, CA

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