Wednesday @ LCA2008

I was late for Bruce Schneier’s keynote so was sitting near the back. It was difficult to hear and see which I found made it hard for me to concentrate, my own fault though.

Pia told Kath and me about the Go BOF so we went along and learnt how to play! It was a lot of fun learning but in the end the conversations took over from playing for a few of us :-)some people kept playing and did really well though.

Jim Gettys’ OLPC talk was terrific. The room was absolutely packed! Unfortunately Jim’s talk wasn’t videod but you can download his talk slides here.

Jim spoke about the presumptions we sometimes make from looking at the whole world from a western perspective – that schools would have classrooms, electricity, teachers and books – home would have electricity, space to study – teachers would be motivated, experienced, well educated and valued by society – parents would be aware of the world and want the best for their children. It was a real eye opener! It’s well worth downloading his slides to read through for yourself.

Bdale Garbee’s Peace, Love and Rockets! was next. Video of Bdale’s talk is available here. Just before Bdale could start the fire alarm went off and we had to evacuate the building. It was a false alarm so it wasn’t long before we were back for the talk. Bdale’s website gives good information on rocketry.

We dropped our bags back at the backpackers and then went to the Queen Vic Markets for the Penguin Dinner. I really enjoyed the dinner. There was a great variety of food which was a bit overwhelming at first but after we’d seen what was there we made our choices. Good food and good talk made it a relaxed and enjoyable night.

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