Countdown 18 days to Linux.Conf.Au 2008

The mini conferences start on Monday 28th January and the main conference starts on Wednesday 30th January. I’m speaking, with my sister, at the LinuxChix miniconf on Tuesday. This year Jessica’s coming with us!! I think she’ll really enjoy herself, she’ll be spending some of the time with her Dad and the rest she’ll be volunteering at the conference. This will be a great holiday for both of us 🙂 some sightseeing, talking to lots of people, making new friends and learning new stuff!!

This year I’ll be going to the Education miniconf on Monday, the LinuxChix one on Tuesday but I haven’t chosen much else from the program for the main conference yet. Last year I enjoyed James Cameron’s talk about electronics and what he’s been doing with the OLPC laptop so I’d like to see him again if I get the chance.

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