Doug’s Heart Operation

My son, Doug’s heart operation is on Monday. It’s taken ages to come. I’ve hated the waiting. He’s fairly nonchalant about it. Now that it’s close it seems more real though. He has Wolff Parkinson White syndrome. He’s having an electrophysiology study and then catheter ablation. From the electrophysiology study they’ll be able to find the incorrect electrical pathway which causes his arrythmia and ablate it (burn it) so that the bad cells are killed. In most cases this fixes the problem, some people do need a second ablation sometimes though.

Doug’s a CFS volunteer and went into a fire in a local hotel with breathing aparatus on on Monday and last night went on a strike team to the Riverland to fight a bushfire during the night there. Units from around the area are sent to the Riverland so that their units can get a rest.

As Mum, naturally, I’m more concerned than he is. The breathing aparatus is a real concern to me, this was the first time he’s used it since his training too. His heart condition was fine.

All this is a test of our faith! It’s not easy to put into words all my feelings about it. I trust Jesus. I keep reminding myself that he’s not going to put us through anything that we can’t handle!!!

If you pray, please pray for us this week and especially on Monday.


  1. Kathrine Matthews

    Hi, Kylie

    kath here I won’t be able to vist you monday and help keep you company on Monday, but Robyn will. I will be thinking of you and Doug and I will say a little prayer for Doug asking for God to watch over him and hold him so no harm comes to him.

    love and best wish Kathrine Matthews

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