Car Accident

Sunday week ago I was going to Lameroo, doing about 110kph when a rear tyre blew out. I’ve never had a blow out before but I knew what it was the minute it happened. I lost control of the car but I just had time to think, hold the steering wheel tight and don’t stamp on the brakes too hard. The car went across the oncoming traffic, off the road on the other side and down a bit of an embankment. Just before I hit the trees I screamed out to Jesus!

The car doesn’t have an airbag, I didn’t hit my head, the steering wheel or anything. I didn’t have any bruises either. I am so thankful I was protected! It could’ve been a lot worse. There was minimal damage to the car too. I was very shaken up but not hurt 🙂

My pastors weren’t far behind me and ‘came to my rescue’, backed the car out of the trees, changed the tyre and drove the car for me.

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