Favourite Home Education Resources

These are some of my favourite resources-

Languages Online-German, French, Indonesian or Italian
We use the German resources.

For students learning French, German, Indonesian or Italian, the website contains over 220 engaging interactive tasks and games that introduce, reinforce and recycle vocabulary. They are self-paced and self-correcting and can be repeated as desired. Activities are presented in 35 topic-based sections, and include recordings by native speakers.

Languages Online also includes over 190 printable worksheets with a variety of guided speaking, reading, writing and research tasks to complement the online activities in French, German, Indonesian and Italian. A range of support features assist teachers and students to make the most of each activity.

Remembering God’s Awesome Acts by Susan Mortimer. You can get this book from lots of homeschool suppliers here and overseas. This is a great explanation of what the book’s about –

“REMEMBERING GOD’S AWESOME ACTS is different from traditional textbooks which only teach one subject. Although the primary focus is Bible and Ancient History, the impressive student notebook includes a drawing course, a structured creative writing course, speech and drama. In addition, geography, anthropology, archeology and linguistics are studied. The ultimate purpose of each element is to give the student a better understanding of the Bible. The focus is not on the individual subjects, but on studying issues, playing with concepts and mastering skills while learning discernment and logic.”

I’ve found that I haven’t used the Teacher’s Guide book much at all it does have the answers in it though.

Hands On Geography by Maggie S. Hogan
Lots of ideas, games to make, worksheets and projects which can be adapted to suit primary school children but I’ve used some of the projects with Jessica for years 8 & 9 also. The ideas could be used for other subjects too.

Ebay and Amazon both had this book.

Signpost Maths books at year 7 level Jess found difficult and with less explanation. This year she’s doing Mathematics For Year 8 by Haese & Harris.

English – Glencoe Literature Library

Click on a Glencoe Literature Library title below for a brief description of the novel or play, a list of its related readings, and a link to its individual study guide. Each study guide includes background information and reproducible activity pages for students.

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