Craft Weekend At Mum’s

This weekend was another lovely craft weekend at my Mum’s. Jessica and I went and some of the ladies from last year and a few new ones. When everyone arrived on Friday night we settled in well and quickly became friends. It was great to get together with a bunch of ladies to chat, eat and do craft.

I found instructions in the latest Earth Garden magazine for basket weaving using natural materials so I gathered some willow fronds from by the river and some jasmine branches from home to use.

Following the instructions in the magazine was easy. I used the jasmine branches for the start of the base but they weren’t really flexible enough for what I needed. I continued on though…

and came up with a fairly good basket for a first try. There are some gaps in the bottom but it’s useable. I’m thrilled with it. 🙂

Jessica made and decorated a blanket for her teddy bear. It was a good experience for Jess, mixing with the older ladies, helping prepare meals and clean up after, and making her blanket. I noticed the improvement in her planning and sewing her project and so did she.

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