Mailing List Junkie!

I’m a self-confessed mailing list junkie. I love mailing lists but today I’ve made the break. I’ve unsubscribed from all the dead lists (lists that have next to no traffic) I was on as well as a number of the ones I wasn’t keeping up to date with and I only subscribed to one new list! All in all I got rid of 5 lists. I still have 13 that I either participate in or just lurk on. I’m going to look at these too and see if there are more I need to quit.

I’m finding that I’m reading blogs more so than email lists at the moment and a lot of my info and learning is coming from them and the websites they link to. This and time have been part of the reason for the mailing list purge. Blog or news aggregators are great for putting together your own ‘reading list’ of favourite blogs or news sites. I still go to my mailing lists for help for specific problems though.

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