Easter Weekend

On the AussieChix mailing list we’re discussing what geeky and non geeky things people did over Easter.

Easter Friday we went to church in the morning and then spent the day together at home, unfortunately Doug had to work in the morning. We visited my Dad and then the kids went to a Youth Alive concert in Adelaide. So I was home on my own. A friend has lent me a tv tuner card so I decided to have a go at setting that up. Ubuntu Hoary detected it straight away and I installed tvtime as the viewing program. Just connected to my external tv aerial it wouldn’t work, but I think that’s because the signal isn’t strong enough. I connected it up to my dvd player using the av cables and it works okay. My tv signal is really bad so of course the end result on the computer isn’t good either.

Saturday the kids were out with their friends so I was working on capturing video again. I want to be able to record some videos and burn on a dvd so that I can keep them. I installed xawtv which plays tv, video etc and also records it. I got it to play tv but not record. Each time I tried to record the program crashed. Haven’t solved this one yet.

Sunday was busy with a combined churches dawn service, church later in the morning and at night we had Cafe Church with items and a play. I was in the play, I played Mary the sister of Martha and Lazarus. It came across very well and was lots of fun to do too. It was recorded so I can’t wait to see the dvd.

Easter is my favourite celebration of the life of Jesus. I can celebrate his death and resurrection any time of the year but I especially like having a set time of celebration with family and friends. For me it’s a time of reflection, increasing faith, celebration.

Monday saw a visit from my sister R, her partner K, my brother M and our friend D 🙂 We had good food (well I think it was good), good conversation and tech. Jessica got her computer upgrade, installed Ubuntu CE Dapper for her and reinstalled her Win XP too. She’s happier with this upgrade as previously she hasn’t wanted me to upgrade her computer because she says that something always goes wrong with it and then she doesn’t have her computer for a few days until we get it working again. This time it’s all gone without a hitch so she’s happy.

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