Tin Whistle

I’ve started practicing my tin whistle again. I’ve played the flute for about the last 23 years but because of problems with my shoulders and neck I haven’t been able to play much for the last 6 months or so. I miss playing my flute incredibly!! It’s not quite as painful to play the tin whistle so I’m giving that a go. I need to practice quite a bit though I’ll have to do it in small doses to stop my shoulders and neck from seizing up. I’ve got a C whistle at the moment and I might get a D one as well. I want to start playing in church again. I’m not ruling out the flute altogether. Maybe if I can play tin whistle for a while then I can get back into flute and perhaps even alternate between them – if I can get the changes in fingering right 🙂

I love playing spiritual music, my own improvisation, Irish & Scottish music and praise and worship too.

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