BarCamp Adelaide 3rd & 4th March 07

I’m really looking forward to BarCamp Adelaide. Jessica and I are both going. It’s going to be a hoot. For those who don’t know BarCamp is an un-conference. Everyone who attends is asked to participate in some way. Eg giving a talk, discussion session, demo etc. Some people stay and camp for the weekend others just come for a visit. It’s being held at Moana Pioneers Memorial Hall, Nashwauk Cres Moana on 3rd & 4th March. There’s more info of what it’s all about on the BarCamp website.

I really want to give a talk or a demo or something but I’ve got no idea what to do it on. I suppose it could be something like “HowTo Help Newbies”, “Newbies Aren’t Dummies” or “K.I.S.S Linux For Newbies”. The other train of thought is a discussion on Bridging the Digital Divide – what’s currently being done in South Australia, what’s working/what’s not, what else could be done.

Jess and I’ve also put our names down for some kitchen duty, that’ll be fun too šŸ™‚ I often end up ‘being mother’ at all sorts of geeky events/meetings.

We’re going to be in Adelaide for a meeting Friday morning so we’ll go to Moana after that. It’ll be nice to be there a bit early and have some time just for Jess and me and to get ourselves set up before everyone else gets there.

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