Linux.Conf.Au 2007

Women Flock To Linux Talkfest was an article headline which caught my eye. When this article was written approximately 50 women had registered for this year’s Linux Conference.

Pia Waugh on her blog says “And that number has now risen to about 65 women, about 12% of the total registrations, awesome! It isn’t by any count the best we can do, but it is the best we have done. Hopefully this’ll encourage more female geeks to come and enjoy”

I attended the Education Miniconf in Adelaide in 2004, the whole conference in Canberra 2005 as a Sun Microsystems Regional Delegate and this year I’m going to Sydney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for the whole conference 🙂

I’m going with my sister and her partner, we’ll all be geeks together! So 3 of those 65 women who’ve registered are us. Can’t wait.

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