I found this on the website. please send us to linux conf au. Four enterprising young men from Oregon State University are trying to raise the funds to come to They’ve raised just over $6000 but still need another $4000. Will they make it to I’ll be interested to find out. I hope they do. I went to Freenode to see if any of there were there but no one was on. Time differences will make this a problem. in #pleasesendustolinuxconfau

You might remember us from that crop circle we helped build or the crazy LUG we helped develop. Or perhaps it was the late night Abiword OLPC hack.

Brandon started using Linux when he discovered building mobile robots on commercial desktop operating systems was dangerous. Since then he has been active in the community and worked for the Open Source Lab at OSU, NASA, and IBM’s Linux Technology Center.
philips hopes to attend…
how everybody gets file IO wrong, clustering tdb, Garbage Collection in LogFS
philips hopes to meet…
File systems developers and Kernel hackers

Mike Burns
Mr. Burns’ charisma (and patches) helped to develop a home for OLPC development at OSU. Currently, he is working to port tinymail to OLPC’s Sugar interface to create a suitable mail client for the project. His greatest hope is to see toilets flush in reverse.
mburns hopes to attend…
How the OLPC Machine Was Designed, Routing and IPSEC Lookup Scaling in the Linux Kernel
mburns hopes to meet…
Jim Gettys and other OLPC contributors

Justin Gallardo
Justin made headlines, on, for finishing a port of AbiWord to the OLPC Sugar interface. While working on this project he made a startling discovery: spending a weekend hacking is superior to spending that weekend on homework. Recently he took a developer position at the OSU Open Source Lab where he will continue his rain of patches.
jirwin hopes to attend…
Making NFS Suck Faster, GNU/Linux on handheld gaming devices, How the OLPC Machine Was Designed
jirwin hopes to meet…
Val Henson, Jim Gettys and other free software heros

Polvi drank the free software kool-aid a little over 3 years ago, when he joined the Open Source Lab at OSU. Ever since, he has been hooked. He spent a year with Mozilla where he tried to take back the web. After Mozilla, he took a job with Google as a wannabe Kernel Hacker. Now he works at the Open Source Education Lab, a resource for students involved with free software.
polvi hopes to attend…
Linux kernel hacker generations, Let’s Build the Real Time Internet, Promoting open source projects, among others
polvi hopes to meet…
People interested in free software beyond the code


  1. Pia Waugh

    Hey Kylie,

    the guys have already confirmed they are coming as they’ve raised over $6k! 🙂 Hooray 🙂


  2. Kylie Willison

    That’s good, I just talked to ‘polvi’ on IRC this morning and he said the same. They’d still like to raise some more money though to cover as much of the cost as possible.

    So if you can give a donation, it’d be good to help these guys out.

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