It’s Been A While

I’ve been so busy I haven’t written any blog posts lately.

Nearly all my Christmas presents are done and I’ve made some cards too.

At work (Teen Challenge) this is probably our busyest time of the year. We’re giving out Christmas food hampers to anyone who needs some help at Christmas. Next week we also have a week of special Christmas lunches instead of the regular basic lunches we do. There will be presents for all the children too 🙂

I’ve been to a few Christmas breakups and lunches. For all my T.C. staff I designed ‘special’ staff awards for everyone which I presented at our Christmas lunch. It was a lot of fun and everyone took them in the spirit they were intended. A patron at another table came over and said that we should receive an award for the group with the most awards. I was a bit embarassed that we were drawing attention from the other diners.

Doug has finished his CFS training and has been to Waikerie (South Australia) a couple of times to help with fighting the bushfire there.

Jessica’s interest in has pretty much worn off. I knew if I stopped her from using it altogether she’d rebel but allowing her to use it with some restrictions she’s got it out of her system now.

I’ ve been running Jess to a local hairdressing salon for some work experience. She’s made such an impression that they keep asking her to come in and work and want her there on a regular basis. It’s good for her but a bit hectic for me. Today she walked to the salon and got a lift home which was good.

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