Discovered Food Dehydrating

I got a food dehydrator from a secondhand shop just before Christmas. It didn’t have an instruction book with it so I looked it up online. It’s a Hydraflow Ezidri Snackmaker. Hillmark is the company which sell them now. I tried mine out last night. I made dried apple and banana. They taste nothing like the shop bought ones. I wanted dried fruit without the sulphur dioxide which is used as a preservative. Dried fruit from health food shops without sulphur dioxide is extremely expensive (also I couldn’t get any where I live) so doing it myself is a tremendous cost saving. Dehydrated food retains 95% of its nutritional value too.

I’ve found out from the Hillmark website that I can also make corn or potato chips, health bars, fruit leather, dried tomatoes, flowers, herbs.

I can’t wait til my tomatoes are ripe and then I can dry the excess and give them away! If I’d had this early enough before Christmas I would’ve made Christmas presents of dried fruit and veg.

It takes between 8 and 12 hours for foods to dry enough to be safely preserved. Last night I put the apples and bananas in before I went to bed and they were ready when I got up this morning.

Looking forward to making more of my own yummy treats!

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