Found A Teriffic Christmas Present Idea

Tear Australia have a gift catalogue called The World’s Most Useful Gift Catalogue. I’ve purchased things like Eye Care and School Supplies. I’ll get cards to give to my family which describe what the gift is and places for me to write their names. The money goes to Tear to provide these services.

I think this is a teriffic idea. I’ve really struggled with what to give this year, we don’t need more ‘stuff’ to junk up our houses or later fill landfill.

Here’s a quote from the Tear website, “Have you ever felt uncomfortable about having so much, when others have so little? Ever felt embarrassed about giving, or receiving a gift, when others go without?”

This isn’t an ad for Tear, I’m just happy to have found a solution to gift giving this year 🙂 and thought others might like to know about it.


  1. Lisa

    World Vision do this every year with thier “Smiles” catalogue. In it they have gifts from about $15 up to the thousands (for whole village watering systems etc). I have often given my family a gift from here or asked for them to select a goft from here for me as I also feel that many go to excess at Christmas and it is nice to give soemthing back.

  2. Kylie Willison

    Thanks Lisa, I didn’t know that World Vision do it too. My son and I sponsor a child with World Vision. I’ll have to keep an eye out for their catalogue.


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