How Do You Teach Your Kids All The School Subjects?

This is another question I’ve been asked. This is only my view on it. I don’t know about all school subjects at all levels. Jessica is year 8 and Douglas is year 11. As we come to new subjects I learn right along with the kids. Some things Doug is teaching himself and I don’t need to be highly involved. I can give help or advice as needed or just point him in the right direction. With Jessica we mostly research and learn a new topic together. Doug helps Jessica with her Maths as it definitely isn’t my best subject, although I keep working on it 🙂

We probably won’t cover every single subject and topic which are covered in schools but I don’t see that it matters. As long as my kids can learn how to teach themselves I’m more than happy. They may go on to TAFE or uni or apprenticeships etc to learn specific skills when they’re older.



  1. Leon Brooks

    We don’t teach all of the school subjects, instead we teach them what they clearly need to know.

    There is — big surprise — considerable overlap, but the differences are small enough (in reporting terms, at least) that our kinds can learn what they need to & the report-readers can learn what they need, too. Everyone happy, everyone educated.

  2. Leon Brooks

    5 & 7.

    No, we don’t use a particular system, we just keep an eye out for what the child is interested in learning, and go with that.

    The result is a child fairly fully engaged in the lesson, and it seems to have worked fairly well with Master 7’s reading.

    This also worked fairly well for the non-home-schooled son of our crisis care worker, who could read fairly well but wasn’t interested in reading the materials which the school provided. His Mum chose non-school material which overlapped the school literature & got him reading that, which built up his reading in the measured areas.

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