The Amazing Race – The Grand Finale

You travel now to another mystery destination. Use the following clues to determine the destination.

Indigenous people were the first people to live there and still live there today.
It is approximately 78 kilometres from your current location and is approximately 26 metres above sea level. You may not find this answer in Google but it is worth a try if you can’t guess it.

Check with the Race Judge that you have the correct destination. When you have the correct destination you will be given a travel pass to continue in the Race. Your transport will leave at 1:15pm CST. (All transport so far has been virtual, this transport is physical/actual)


Please write your answers neatly on another piece of paper.

This is a place where people go to find out information about Murray Bridge and the surrounding areas. Go there to receive information to answer the next questions. Give your name at the counter and you will be given some brochures. If the answers aren’t in the brochures you’ll need to use other means to find them.

When was the Local Government Centre opened at this location?

Which building in the main street was originally the Lyric theatre?

In the park near the traffic lights what war is the cannon from?

Get a catalogue from a washing machine retailer with a two word name.

Where do people receive income support payments (pensions etc) from? Get a brochure of theirs to bring with you.

What was the Arcade (burnt down in 2002) in Bridge St called?

In Bridge St there is an employment agency which starts with W, what number Bridge St is their building?

Go to the Town Hall. The foundation stone was first laid by whom?

This next place used to be a fodder store and real estate agency. Its now used for- recycling second hand items, raising money, helping. It is near a place where returned soldiers go for sport and relaxation. It is on the ‘South’ side of Bridge Street. It’s current occupants have been there for nearly four years.

Both contestants answered all the questions and provided the same amount of extra information. Their questions were equally neat and well written. The decider came down to a quiz of questions from throughout the race. Douglas won the quiz and the whole Amazing Race.

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