The Amazing Race – Special Challenge

*Special Challenge* – compete for a special prize.
Take me (the Race Judge) on a sightseeing trip (still in India) with you. On this trip you must pay for all food, accommodation and travel for us both. Remember what I like, this is about catering to my likes and dislikes not your own. Some hints are: I love history, music, meeting local people, beauty, gardens, wildlife, good food, ample time for rest and relaxation. This is your chance to impress me and maybe your trip will win. The trip must cover at least two meal times and involve some form of travel. Keep track of your expenses for your race diary. Make sure that you don’t spend too much money but don’t scrimp either. Plan the sightseeing trip, write out a complete itinerary with all the details and email them me.

Then get to the checkpoint with all the information and your diary. No one continues on from this checkpoint until all Special Challenges have been completed then I will choose which one is the winner.

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