The Amazing Race – Nepal

Fly from Bombay to Kathmandu, Nepal. Keep track of your expenses and don’t forget to list them in your diary. Convert money amounts into Australian dollars too.


You’ve been given bicycles to get around Nepal. You need to get to Kirtipur. Remember Google is your friend.
How far is Kirtipur from Kathmandu?
What direction is Kirtipur from Kathmandu?
How long will it take to get there on a bike?
Make sure you print out a map of Kirtipur to help you.
On reaching Kirtipur find the Bagh Bhairava temple.
Why was the image of the tiger built?
From what you have read about the town why do you think there is a moat in Kirtipur?

Mark on the Kirtipur map where you’ve been and put it in your diary.
Ride back to Kathmandu to catch your flight and enter the final leg of the Race.

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