36 Things About Me

I pinched this idea from another blog, Trevor’s Birding which I read this morning. Trevor had listed 47 things about himself. I choose 36 because I’m 36 (not 37 yet :-)) so here goes, I wonder if I can come up with 36 things? These aren’t in any particular order.

1. I’m 36 years old.
2. I’m a mum of two.
3. I follow Jesus’s example for life as best as I can.
4. I have red hair.
5. I wear glasses.
6. I have bluey green eyes.
7. I don’t believe in horoscopes. I don’t have a star sign.
8. I homeschool my children and I love being part of their lives, working together, it’s hard to describe – doing life together.
9. There’s no such thing as luck.
10. I love Chinese food.
11. I’ve worked on an island with 2 adults and 2 children.
12. I’ve learnt how to pick up and throw a sheep’s fleece after its been shorn.
13. I work at Teen Challenge.
14. I’ve worked as a kitchenhand in a roadhouse.
15. I’ve been married.
16. I love playing my flute.
17. I write songs and plays.
18. I’ve directed one of my plays.
19. I get a lot of enjoyment and fulfillment out of singing.
20. I love reading
21. and camping,
22. fishing,
23. working on computers,
24. handicrafts – lace making, knitting, shrinkies, glass painting,
25. I love teaching!!,
26. bushwalking,
27. I won a ‘scholarship’ to go to Canberra last year for a computing conference linux.conf.au
28. I haven’t travelled outside Australia yet but would love to.
29. I worked as a governess on sheep and cattle stations when I was 17 & 18.
30. I recycle and give away computers to people on low incomes.
31. I have one dog, one cat and one chook.
32. I like organic gardening.
33. I’m not a good gardener, yet.
34. I support and advocate Free and Open Source Software.
35. I’d like to think I’m a mentor.
36. And I’m looking forward to watching my children grow up, all the exciting, fulfilling things we’re going to do in the future, the people we’ll meet and hopefully be able to help and maybe even have some influence in, or impact on, their lives.

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