The Amazing Race – The 1st Stage

Tuesday 15th the racers reached Israel.

Draw and colour the Israeli flag.
According to Wikipedia where does the name Israel come from?
Find 3 photos of Israel – Israeli people, everyday life and the countryside. What does a traditional meal consist of?
Name some of the places Jesus visited during his three year ministry. Where is Canaan? Joseph was sold as a slave and taken from Canaan to Epypt. Read about Joseph’s journey at: Find this quote on the webpage and fill in the missing words. “Jacob deceived his brother Esau. Later, how was Jacob deceived by his sons? The brothers took Joseph’s precious coat and stained it with the blood of a goat and took it to his father, Jacob as evidence of the death of Joseph by some wild beast. Jacob, who had deceived…………….”

What is Wikipedia?
What are the world’s three main religions? Where did you get your information from?

Here is your first checkpoint. To pass this checkpoint I need to see your diary with comments about where you’ve been, your world map with your journey marked on it, your budget of how much money you’ve spent and what you’ve spent it on. Make an estimate of how much you have spent on food. Also required at this checkpoint are your Israeli flag and answers to the above questions.

Don’t take too long or you might be eliminated from the race.

Amazing Race Travel takes you as a slave to a mystery destination free of charge.

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