Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder

“My mother first diagnosed me with NADD. It was the late 80s and she was bringing me dinner in my bedroom (nerd). I was merrily typing away to friends in some primitive chat room on my IBM XT (super nerd), listening to some music (probably Flock of Seagulls — nerd++), and watching Back to the Future with the sound off (neeeeerrrrrrrd). She commented, “How can you focus on anything with all this stuff going on?” I responded, “Mom, I can’t focus without all this noise.””

I laughed when I read this blog post. I don’t know that I have N.A.D.D. but I think I’m not far off, maybe later developing than others’.

“Stop reading right now and take a look at your desktop. How many things are you doing right now in addition to reading this column? Me, I’ve got a terminal session open to a chat room, I’m listening to music, I’ve got Safari open with three tabs open where I’m watching Blogshares, tinkering with a web site, and looking at weekend movie returns. Not done yet. I’ve got iChat open, ESPN.COM is downloading sports new trailers in the background, and I’ve got two notepads open where I’m capturing random thoughts for later integration into various to do lists. Oh yeah, I’m writing this column, as well.”

I looked at my desktop and I was reading this blog message, posting to my own blog, reading email, using Liferea for reading other blogs, looking at Technorati, researching stuff via Google and (not on the computer) watching/listening to TV.

What things are you doing? Do you think you might suffer with N.A.D.D.? 🙂

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