Australian Census

I completed the eCensus tonight. I found it easy and straightforward to use. Some of the questions were a bit oddly worded which I find difficult to answer sometimes. This goes for other forms too. Last year I did the test eCensus which was held in our area. Myself and a friend gave feedback that there was no option for home education either in the census paper form or in the eCensus. That feedback wasn’t acted upon and once again there was nowhere to list home education. I gave feedback again when I’d completed the census.

Surely the government would like information on the prevalence of home education. I thought the whole point of the census was to gather statistics! The education department has these figures but other departments don’t because of the privacy act. I feel the option should be in the census then parents can choose whether they want to indicate that they home educate their children or not. What do others think? What government departments might benefit from stats on home education? Health Dept. Local Govt. etc

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