New Business-Answer To Prayer

My son’s just decided to start his own computing business. He’s applied for an A.B.N. (Australian Business Number) and he’s started telling people about it and making his own business cards. I think it’s great!! He’ll learn so much! He can do this as part of his yr 11 studies, still work at McDonald’s and get Youth Allowance – he just has to continue declaring his earnings. To me it’s the perfect homeschool project. Not that I don’t take it seriously as an ongoing business I do. I think that he’ll do extremely well if he commits himself to it. I can refer people to him and give him any help that he needs to do the jobs too.

This is an answer to prayer, and it came as a solution I’d never thought of. I’ve been asking Jesus what I should do – should I continue building my own business or focus on Teen Challenge? So with Doug starting his own business I can refer computer jobs to him, have more time for teaching him and Jess, do more with Teen Challenge and still teach the Computing For Mums courses.

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