May The Source Be With You

Pia Waugh from Linux Australia is featured in this rather patchy article in the
Sydney Morning Herald
technology section. Pia is represented well in the article, it covers all the things she’s involved in but I feel it kind of jumps around all over the place. One minute it’s talking about her community work and then it’s about her business and her philosophies for success. To me it’s a bit patchy. I don’t know if patchy is the right word, maybe light or lacking in substance. It’s a ‘nice’ article. It says a lot without saying much at all. Maybe it was a longer article which got the chop?…. I’ve had the privilege of hearing Pia speak, have read her blog and her emails on the Linux Australia list and I know that there’s more depth to her than what the article portrayed.

Anyway well done Pia, it’s great to see women in IT doing good stuff and being interviewed in major newspapers!

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