New Laptop!

Wow, I bought myself a secondhand Compaq Armada E500 yesterday! It’s very nice. It’s actually faster than my desktop machine 🙂 and of course the screen is great and the keyboard is lovely to type on. This isn’t going to be a technical review of this laptop. This is a wow I can’t believe I own this lovely machine type review with lots of wows and exclamation marks!! 🙂

I’m setting it up with all my fav apps….yeah and the necessary ones too. I’m running Ubuntu Breezy Badger on it and it runs like a dream. 1Ghz Intel PIII processor, 384 Mb RAM, 30Gb hard drive and a DVD ROM drive. I’ll be able to play Teen Challenge promotional dvds at meetings, forums, expos etc that I got to instead of lugging around a tv and dvd player. I can use the laptop for teaching, Linux demonstrations etc etc. No MS Windows on it at the moment, not sure if I’ll dual boot, depends on what I’ll need it for.

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