Home Education And Income Support(Centrelink) And Thanks For Your Comments Rosie

On the Australian Homeschoolers Yahoo Group I’ve been talking to Rosie about Centrelink income support. We’ve also found each other’s blogs and been reading and leaving comments. Thanks for your comments Rosie! It is encouraging to know that we’re not alone.

In reply to my post Home Educating, Youth Allowance And Centrelink, Rosie left the following comment, “

It’s amazing isn’t it that these policy problems relating to compulsory school ages, home education and Centrelink regulations are yet to be addressed in any systemic way by Centrelink?

I and other homeschoolers I know have been lobbying for some time to fix this issue with Centrelink and yet problems persist. I personally have found little to no support from the organisations who normally advocate for youth or welfare recipients. They don’t understand the issues and their responses appear to indicate to me that they don’t care either. So much for advocacy. I guess homeschoolers get a lot of practice at doing things themselves.

It appears to me that it depends on who deals with your claim for a Centrelink payment as to how it gets treated. I think different offices deal with issues differently. There seem to be differences from state to state too.

My sister asked me last night if there are any home education advocacy groups. I don’t know of any groups who advocate for home educators. Does anyone know of any such Australian groups? I’m thankful that our case turned out well, I hope that others can have such positive outcomes too.

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