Guest Blogger-Jessica

Hi this is Jessica.

Today, we have been switching computers and adding bits. I’ve got my brother’s old computer and he’s got a new secondhand one. Mum bought a laptop last week and she’s giving a computer to her friend Gayle. We’ve rearranged our loungeroom where our computers are networked. The thing i hate about changing computers the most is that you hurt your fingers when pulling out power cords out of the computer. It doesn’t all work and go smoothly, like you just add bits and switch bits and it works but no, its got to be complicated doesn’t it. LOL. I took my two hard drives out of my old computer and put them in my new computer. I have Windows and Linux on my computer. Windows isn’t detecting the cdrom drive or ethernet controller and Linux is working perfectly.

I like computers because when they do work you get to play games and do work, so then it is fun and all your sore fingers and problems start to pay off and then its all worth it.

From Jessica

(Jessica’s running Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog-Kylie)

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