Cute Quotes

This isn’t the usual email stuff which gets sent around. These are from the Email Cash website.

Time Out
A mother had decided to use the time out chair method at home. On Sunday, after the time out chair was used a few times on Saturday, the child informed her that the chair was closed today.

Too Little
Recently my mother-in-law came over for a visit and brought with her my husband’s school photos. My young son of three was very curious to see where in the photo his daddy was. When grandma pointed him out, he was quick to respond with, “That’s not my daddy, he’s too little.”

A friend of mine had a frustrating afternoon when the handset from her cordless phone went missing. After searching the house from top to bottom with her young son, he demanded “Why don’t they invent a phone that is attached to the wall so it can’t go missing?”

Horsing Around
When I was expecting my second child I asked my four year old son if he would like a baby brother or sister. His immediate reply was, “I want a horse.” Unfortunately I couldn’t accommodate him.


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