Blog Etiquette, Snobbery, Blog Suicide?

Is there such a thing as blog etiquette? I’m still new to blogging and I definitely don’t spend the hours on it that I hear others do. I’m curious though, is there such a thing as committing blog suicide? What would a blogger have to do to commit blog suicide? Would people stop coming to their blog if they did it? That’s if anyone even reads their blog…….

If you search Technorati for blog etiquette all you get is a whole heap of people asking what the etiquette is for a first blog post or for blogs in general. Is blogging to new for blogetiquette?

As for blog snobbery I really don’t care, just as I don’t care for any other kind of snobbery! 🙂 I read that this is based on where a person’s blog is hosted. What does it matter where someone’s blog is?

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