Youth Allowance & Home Education

We received a letter from Centrelink stating that Douglas will receive the full amount of Youth Allowance. It says, “Your Youth Allowance is based on you studying full time at Home Study SA, yr 11 Secondary Studies with the course ending etc….”

Wow we’re thrilled to have this letter/decision. I’m glad I did my homework before going to see them though. To anyone else in this situation read up on it first before going to Centrelink and don’t mention an ‘Activity Agreement’. An activity agreement is a document basically saying you agree to do the things listed in it. This is pretty much saying that Centrelink doesn’t acknowledge home education as full time education and wants the young person to enter into an agreement to do certain things – look for work, do voluntary work, register with a job network, do study. These aren’t necessarily bad things but they are restrictive for a young person undertaking full time study – especially at yr11 or yr12 level.

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  1. Rosie

    Hi there,

    I’m glad my son and I are not the only ones dealing with the issues raised by home education and income support. Congratulations on finding your way through the mess. I only hope we can manage it without losing what little income support we have. This is a fantastic blog and I’m very impressed with it.

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